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a letter from our vp membership

Best wishes and ITB,
Megan Groothuis
VP Membership | Alpha Sigma Chapter
Delta Gamma

Bid Day!

Hi I’m Megan Groothuis, VP Membership for Delta Gamma!! I fell in love with DG during recruitment and find myself loving it more and more everyday. I am so thankful I made the decision to be a part of such an amazing organization filled with such genuine, inspiring, and involved women. DG is the definition of work hard, play hard. We pride ourselves in having the highest GPA on the row, having the Chapter of the Year Award, and being a consistent top recruiting house. Our women are extremely involved in various organizations on campus, have interests and passions that range on the whole spectrum, and empower each other always, You will definitely find a never-ending support system in Delta Gamma. Not only that, but you will create an endless amount of memories ranging from adventuring in LA, participating in exchanges with fraternities, having late night deep talks with your best friends, being at delicious Friday brunches or making quesadillas together, and so much more. I know the women in DG will be there for me for life, from my toughest and lowest points to being the bridesmaids in my wedding years from now. 


To prospective new members: congratulations on your acceptance to UCLA! These will be the best years of your life. Although you may be nervous for what is coming, think of how exciting it is to be attending the #1 Public University in such a beautiful location filled with endless opportunities! To some, I know choosing whether or not going Greek is a tough choice. Greek Life at UCLA offers so many (opportunities) and regardless of the house you find yourself in, every Panhellenic house is filled with kindhearted individuals that will make you feel like you have a home away from home. I can’t wait to meet all of your beautiful faces and on behalf of the entire chapter, we are excited to welcome you inside our beautiful home! Thank you for your interest in DG and remember, just be yourself! We will see you in the Fall!

PLEASE SEND SPONSORSHIP LETTERS TO ucladgrecruitment@gmail.com!

2019 Recruitment Video! 

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